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To join the Eurasian Art Union

The Eurasian Art Union was established to facilitate the development of contemporary art in Russia and its successful integration into the global art space. Not duplicating the activities of existing structures – creative unions and associations – we strive to provide the most complete range of the most promising communication opportunities and effective marketing technologies.
Membership in the Eurasian Art Union is a sound investment of artists in their creative success!

The professional team of the Union managers works daily to create the most comfortable conditions for implementation of artistic potential, achievement of recognition and financial well-being of each member of the Association.

Engagement in the activities of the Eurasian Art Union guarantees to the author:

• high-quality art management and effective support at every stage of promotion,
• direct access to participation in numerous Russian and foreign exhibitions and art projects,
• presence in specialized publications, international art catalogues and key media,
• participation and victories in prestigious competitions, awards, scholarships, state and commercial grant programs in Russia and other countries.

We follow the lead of art markets in Europe and Asia adapting mechanisms and processes functioning there for the benefit of Russian artists. A wide audience of authors, professionals and connoisseurs of art from the whole world is involved in the work of the Union: they participate in exchange of experience and opportunities. The activities of the Executive Directorate of the Union are aimed at expanding communication opportunities, advancement of cultural and intellectual exchange between authors, organizations and countries.

The organizational structure of the Union (including professional art managers, marketing manager, designers, copywriters, translators and other specialists in promotion, advertising and PR) is financed through the membership fees, profit from services on a commercial basis, sponsorship funds and thematic grants. In our team we have:

• Marketing Department
• PR and advertising Department
• Design studio
• Internet studio
• Exhibition Department
• Grant Department

Financial and organizational work of the Union is absolutely transparent, project preparation and implementation algorithms are open, the results and progress are obvious and accessible for everyone.
Join us!

The whole complex of free services of the Eurasian Art Union
and discounts on paid services
will be available for you today!

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for the Eurasian Art Union members


Мы хотели бы максимально прозрачно подойти к размеру и результатам деятельности менеджерского корпуса для Евразийского Художественного Союза, поэтому структурировали основной перечень сервисов и услуг, на которые член союза имеет право претендовать и на постоянной основе получать:

1) Free services for all members of the Union:

a) professional preparation of autobiography in Russian and English languages;
b) author's on-line page in the Union members catalog (author's photo, autobiography, links to personal internet resources, photos of works (up to 20 objects) are published in the catalog);
C) annual publication in the official catalog of the Union “Eurasian Arts Today” (1 page);
d) subscription to the weekly Internet newspaper "Vestnik Souza” (Bulletin of the Union) that contains the most relevant world and national art news, announcements of grant programs and competitions, exhibition schedules, workshops of art projects.
e) information counselling and legal assistance (general issues of creative and commercial activities);
f) assistance in translation of materials and services of an interpreter on events.

2) Free opportunities for Union members who have received recommendations from sections, guilds and the Board:

a) participation in thematic exhibitions of the Union, if the artwork is suitable for the exhibition theme);
b) participation in thematic exhibitions of the Union partners (in Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East)
c) publications in informational resources of the Union;
d) participation in the video and TV programmes production (Art Forum, Art Ring, demo classes and educational content);
e) participation in master classes and lectures;
f) participation in thematic catalogs;
g) organizational and informational support of personal initiatives of the Union members:
- personal exhibitions,
- special projects and events,
- lectures and master classes,
- participation in international fairs, exhibitions, special projects, residences;
h) participation in collective international events:
- trade fairs
- symposiums,
- conferences,
- competitions.

3) Commercial services for members of the Union at a discount::

a) participation in exhibitions organized by the partners of the Union (in more than 20 countries);
b) assistance in preparation of materials for grants;
c) publishing of personal catalogs (design, layout, printing);
d) preparation of personal video portfolio (directing, shooting. installation);
e) organization of a personal exhibition (PR and organizational support partially or on a turnkey basis);
f) assistance in obtaining customs permits (export / import of art objects);
g) legal assistance (special issues);
h) preparation of art overview / review / essay;
i) interpreter services;
j) PR and organizational assistance to projects and initiatives of the Union members;
k) personal website development;
l) volunteer assistance.


We will be glad to see you in our creative community!

You create artworks, we create their fame and commercial success.

Евразийский Художественный Союз открыт для широкой аудитории творческих людей, стремящихся реализовать собственные проекты и стратегии  ... Читать больше

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