Exhibitions, fairs and exhibition projects

The main tool in the promotion of the artist is participation in an exhibition or a special art project.

Exhibitions and fairs have a special place among the means of advertising, as they provide a very broad opportunity for demonstrating advertised products and for establishing direct contacts with customers. Especially effective are exhibitions events combined with a set of related promotional activities (advertising campaign in the press, presentations, press conferences etc.).  The high effectiveness of this means of advertising is confirmed by the fact that many thousands of large exhibition events that require significant costs are held annually in the world.

The Eurasian Art Union is the organizer of all-Russian and international projects:


Name: Sites: Periodicity:


Russian Art Awards artawards.info  1 time per year
2. Visionary Art Awards visionaryarts.eu  2 times per year
3.  Art Geography Awards artforum.pro  1 time per year
4.  Art Geography of Russia artgeo.info  at least 6 times a year
in the regions of Russia
5.  Russian Art Week artweek.ru  2 times per year
6. Art Portrait artportrait.club  4 times a year
7.  Art Poetry artpoetry.ru  4 times a year
8.  АArt Water aquaarts.ru  1 time per year
9.  Zoo Arts zooarts.eu  2 times per year
10.  Assembly of the Plein-Airs artassembly.ru  2 times per year
11.  Vanguard Today artfestival.eu  2 times per year
12.  Love in Art lovefestival.eu  1 time per year
13.  Abstraction Arts Festival abstractfestival.com  2 times per year
14.  Fashion Assembly fashionshow.ru  2 times per year
15.  Couturier of the Year   1 time per year
16.   Cup of Russia - Art Assembly artfestival.info  2 times per year
17. Young Talent of Russia talantfestival.ru  1 time per year



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